About Us

Ananthapuri Hospitality and Service is a private limited company owned, founded in 2021, innovative Hospitality and Service Management Company. We strive to provide exceptional experiences for our guests while providing an excellent work environment for our staff and obtaining industrial leading results. Clubs are the outlets for social recreation since they provide integrated services in the realm of leisure. So our company proudly planning to extend our arms in the field of private clubs in Kerala.

Our ongoing project is the hospitality service of The Terrace Business Hotel which is situated near to railway station and bus depot in Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram, the heart of the city. Our services will also extend to Hotel services, rent a home, one day Home Apartments, cab services, etc...in all over the districts of Kerala. We also provide investor opportunities in Hotel development and Management services and Hospitality career opportunities to our partners and Associates.We are also been expanding our business throughout the tourism sector. A lot of commercial and manufacturing sectors depend largely on trained labours. According to their needs, our company’s vision is to provide labour service for the smooth functioning of their business. Our team is one of our most valuable resources. Their experience, knowledge and commitment constitute a major factor in the company’s success.